Passenger' satisfaction and convenience has equally been fulfilled by the weather display through screens and engaging kiosks providing infotainment to the passengers at the Delhi airport.

Ranked no. 6 last year, New Delhi Airport, this year, has successfully climbed over the ladder and took the 2nd number position in the list of top ranked airports worldwide. A study conducted by ACI's Airport Service Quality (ASQ), scores the airports on the global benchmarking program measuring passengers' satisfaction whilst they are travelling through an airport. The ASQ program provides the research tools and management information to better understand passengers' views and what they want from the airport's products and services.

ASQ is the key to understanding how to increase passenger satisfaction and improve business performance. ASQ research is in place in airports that serve more than half the world's 7.1 billion annual passengers and provides unique data.

While expressing his views on the ranking ladder gone up this year, Prabhakara Rao, CEO, DIAL said, "We are now geared to undertake the expansion works at Delhi Airport. IGIA Master Plan-2016 will further enhance the experience of our passengers."

How does it affect Airport OOH Advertising?

The accelerating position and performance of the airport is directly correlated with its airport advertising in numerous ways. While, the airport is getting the worldwide recognition, it is certainly driving the masses to travel through this giant airfield which definitely attracts the varied variety of brands to expose to these travellers, put together national and international both.

Handled by TIMDAA in a joint venture with GMR, the airport has been fruitfully a house of various brands for long-term duration such as Apollo, Canon, Somany and many more. However, this recognition has given a ray of hope to the outdoor advertising media owning firm as Rohit Chopra, CEO - TIMDAA shared, "International benchmarks bring us much deserved respect in the global scheme of things and set the stage for more innovation, expansion and measurable gains for our customers".

As the report majorly concentrated on passenger's satisfaction and convenience, therefore, the firm believes that the passenger satisfaction is higher at Delhi airport, which means that the messages sending out through world-class strategically placed media is appropriately absorbed by the travellers as they considered it relevant.

Moreover, the information of several kinds, such as weather updates and live flight updating screens does play a vital role fulfilling the passengers' requirements along with brands' advertising and sampling their products helps them in attaining more information and engagements.

The ASQ scores for IGIA increased from 4.96 in 2015 to 4.99 in 2016, helping it attain the second position globally. It stands second only to Incheon in South Korea, according to a press statement.