Advertising Opportunities at Airports

Spread over a massive 5.4 million square feet area, Terminal 3 is an integrated domestic and international airport with a combined capacity to handle over 40.99 million passengers per year. With 85% of the flyers belonging to NCCS A1, high-income elite backgrounds, T3 is the preferred choice for most premium and luxury brands. 168 check-in counters, 78 Aerobridges at 48 contact stands, 54 Parking bays, 95 immigration counters, 2 piers, 14 baggage conveyor belts, 97 automatic travellators and walkways provide ample opportunities for advertising in an aesthetically sound environment. Premium options across a multitude of media available at T3 can be used to grab millions of eyeballs quickly and efficiently. Want to select the right site for your brand? Browse our Media locator and pick the one that’s right for your needs.