Having a high quality quotient ensures the perfect environment to carry out innovative and interactive ideas.

The cars are where the planes are. Ironic as it sounds New Delhi Airport has become the hub of all major car launches. Being declared the No.1 Airport by the 'ASQ Awards' comes with a host of benefits and one such benefit is seen in the media trends.

A combination of Digital OOH and Large Format static sites are the ideal approach for creating the high impact desired by brands. Video walls are the perfect medium for the communication designs needed. 'When your media is moving so should your ad' is the mantra that works best.

The annual campaign for Toyota has the brand strategically located grabbing eyeballs from all corners. Long-term presence at the airport has always reaped higher benefits, as the viewership is premium and almost 30% of it is repeat. Specifically distilling the ones on the go, it is the influencer category that is often also the most travelled. Hence while there are primary benefits of such an audience base, the secondary and tertiary benefits cannot be ignored.

Skoda has parked in a prime spot too with an annual presence, which is a head-turner in itself. Raising the aspiration quotient of the young Indian is an approach that has stood the test of time. Terminal 3 has a swank quotient that enriches this parameter, which is very crucial to multiple campaigns of the same brand that run back-to-back in the same location.

The recent large format digital interactivity created for Ford, made heads turn at the Delhi Airport. The media was a DOOH innovation, which used a sensor to activate a video wherein the Mustang just passed you by with full speed. In the background- the woofers and blowers were used to give a real time experience of the engine sound.

The buying psychology when it comes to upgrading or wanting a car is also undergoing a paradigm shift. The values that apply to metro cities are becoming distinctly different from those in the tier two and three. Also a lifestyle change in the last decade is key cause for auto brands to elevate their imagery and in-turn their spends.

A person's first car and what it came with in the 90's is very different from today, most of the youth today already know what they want and they have lots more features to choose from, they are also the most frequent flyers and constitute a large number of the audience at the airport. Delhi Airport is hence the single most ideal location where multiple brands can co-exist and yet all can gain," says Rohit Chopra, CEO - TIMDAA.

Delhi Airport is a creme-de-la-creme media option and it comes with the creme pricing, so it seems in the first instance. But as marketing heads evaluate the true ROI that comes with getting such a specifically relevant audience, the 'cost per exposure' becomes negligible. Eventually the cumulative brand equity gained from the long-term presence at the airport, far exceeds any amount of multiple and tactical campaigning elsewhere in India.