According to Bureau of Labor Studies, people aged between 20-50 spend about 8.75 hours of their day outdoors whether for work or leisure. That's one-third of the day and if we account for another third that's lost in sleep, other media like television, radio and newspaper only have 8 hours to connect with their customers. That's the magic of outdoor advertising. It connects with its customers when they are occupied, when they are least expecting it.

Through careful planning and strategic placement, an outdoor ad can very effectively impact the brand's potential customers. Outdoor advertising is helpful for any and all brands because it is accessible to its TG, it's measurable for the brand, it is effective, affordable and it's less intrusive than many other forms of advertising. Outdoor ads often have a lower CPM (cost per thousand) than other forms of media. You can use outdoor ads for a variety of purposes, ranging from branding to promoting a certain event. You can target the sort of mass audience you cannot reach with other forms of media.

Outdoor advertising is that only media that cannot be turned off, put away or overlooked. It was and remains the most effective communication in ATL .