This certification benefits the company in protecting against possible vulnerability in Software application, hardware and firewalls for proactive steps taken to make corrective strategies.

TIMDAA is honored to announce their successful retention of ISO:27001 certification i.e. ISMS: Information Security Management System. TIMDAA has invested more than a year preparing for these registrations. Their motivation to retain this certification was driven by a desire to meet international airport standards and to increase customer satisfaction. The company believes that these certifications will be increasingly important in the industries.

The intention behind the ISO:27001 certification is to create best practices for making the digital network secure from intrusion. Access control of the digital network and logical access security are two more aspects that were to be managed. Incident management and its analysis for long-term action planning, vendor contract management and accessibility of the digital network are also some of the key reasons.

We are glad to retain our certification, and I ascertain that it is a round-the-clock process when it comes to meeting the measures of a global stature. - Rohit Chopra, CEO

The certification protects against possible vulnerability (physical and logical) in Software application, hardware and firewalls for proactive steps taken to make corrective strategies. All information within TIMDAA is protected by policies and procedures, to ensure adherence to benchmarked standards. After a detailed external audit by a team of Internationally renowned Auditors from "Quality-Austria", the agency excelled with a stupendous report on not only sustaining the standards that they have begun to adhere to over the last couple of years, but also implemented improved measures to make our digital advertising system more healthy. There was not a single non-conformity reported by the Auditors.

Conducting the necessary actions and procedures overall was a painstaking exercise with immense man-hours put in place for it. All the members of TIMDAA worked in tandem to smoothly conduct the same.

Airport media holds a position of priority globally and India has been able to match these world-class standards only recently. International certifications and year round audits make this possible. Delhi airport has always been a forerunner and improvement measures often culminate in to the pioneering creation of many new formats, processes and methodologies.